Wati Kinara (Moon Man Dreaming), 2006

47 Nancy Carnegie (born c1952)
Wati Kinara (Moon Man Dreaming), 2006
synthetic polymer paint on linen
152.5 x 213.5 cm
inscribed verso: artist’s name,size, Kayili Artists cat. 06-107
Sold for $21,600 (inc. BP) in Auction 15 - 21 July 2010, Melbourne


Kayili Artists, Patjarr, Gibson Desert
The Collection of William and Lucy Mora, Melbourne

This painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Kayili Artists, Patjarr, which reads: ‘Nancy has painted her father’s tjukurpa: Wati Kinara (Moon Man Dreaming). In the tjukurpa there were two ladies digging here for bush food such as goanna, while they walked in the direction of Yarratja, a big rockhole. There were beautiful kunai (quiet snakes) ladies sitting around the water. Kinara was watching them, spying on them, but they were not interested in him. The two ladies passed Killintja, a big rockhole to the west of Minna Minna. They came across many rockholes “Tika Tika”. One place was Tjakurra, in the tali (sandhill) country on the east side of Patjarr. It is a deep rockhole with cool water. This is the home to Tjakura, the great desert skink, a short yellow edible lizard. Lungkarta (Blue Tongued Lizard) and Tjakura had a big fight there and killed each other. They are buried there under the sand. At night it is a dangerous place so nobody can camp there, people must walk from another rockhole to hunt and visit and on the same day carry on to another place to camp.’