Important Aboriginal + Oceanic Art
6 October 2010

Ralwurrandji Wanambi

born 1959

natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark

233.0 x 75.0 cm (irregular)

inscribed verso: artist's name, Buku-Larrngay Mulka Arts cat. 2584U and 0804 YIRR


Buku–Larrngay Mulka Arts, Yirrkala
Company collection, Adelaide

Catalogue text

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Buku–Larrngay Mulka Arts which states: 'The central icon is a massive rock which stands at the entrance of Gurka'wuy (Trail Bay). This is the spiritual focus for an alliance of clans who share an identity connected with the felling of the Stringybark tree by (the) ancestral being Wuyal. These groups dance songs of honey flowing like rivers of freshwater from the fonts deep in the saltwater under in the rock in groups like schools of mullet who themselves mill around the rock. The rivers belonging to these clans: the Marrakulu, Golumala, Marrangu and Wawilak flow (metaphorically, spiritually and underground) towards this rock from Gurka'wuy, Barkirra, Raymangirr and Njilibitji respectively.

It is set in a field of white sea foam associated with turbulent and agitating waters created by particular tide and wind. The Marrakulu waters of Gurka'way River flow out through Trail Bay past this rock conflicting and clashing in a turbulent unity with the incoming tide.'