(I) ILYARA, 2008 (II) KIRRIWIRRI, 2008

Important Aboriginal + Oceanic Art
6 October 2010

Daniel Walbidi

born 1983
(I) ILYARA, 2008 (II) KIRRIWIRRI, 2008

synthetic polymer paint on canvas inscribed verso: artist's name, date, medium, size, Short Street Gallery cat. #24334, Short Street Gallery cat. 24333

60.0 x 60.0 cm (2)

$6,000-8,000 (2)
Sold for $15,000 (inc. BP) in Auction 17 - 6 October 2010, Melbourne

Short Street Gallery, Broome
Private collection, New South Wales

Catalogue text

These works are accompanied by certificates of authenticity from Short Street Gallery, Broome , which state: ‘Ilyara. This painting shows country near Punmu in the Great Sandy Desert in W.A. It is the story of all of the seven sisters (depicted by the blue U shapes) who passed through here. They camped a night then left in the morning. The white areas show the salt water lakes surrounding the jila (living water hole).'

'Kirriwirri. This place is the birth place of my father's clan. Our clan is also named Kirriwirri, and call each individual member of this clan Kirriwirri. There is a big Warla (mud flat) at this place. The white areas depict the salt lakes in the Great Sandy Desert near Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route.'