MARPA, 2002

Important Aboriginal + Oceanic Art
6 October 2010

Lucy Yukenbarri Napanangka

(1934 - 2003)
MARPA, 2002

synthetic polymer paint on canvas

180.5 x 119.5 cm

inscribed verso: artist's name, size, Warlayirti Artists cat. 1244/02, Alcaston Gallery cat. AK9506

Sold for $22,800 (inc. BP) in Auction 17 - 6 October 2010, Melbourne

Warlayirti Artists, Balgo Hills
Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
Private collection, Sydney

Catalogue text

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Warlayirti Artists which states: 'Marpa is the name of a big rockhole in the country of Lucy's grandparents. It is a large walu (rockhole), surrounded by tali (sand dunes), which dominates the landscape of the area, though there are some areas with rocky outcrops. In the Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime), women were dancing all the way through this country. The country is rich in bush food after the rainy season, and the dots throughout the painting depict the kantilli (bush gooseberry), purra (bush tomato), tjirrpirring (seed) and mulunturu (bush bean) commonly found here. In the Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime) it was the ancestral kipara (bush turkey) who came to Marpa.'