Important Aboriginal + Oceanic Art
6 October 2010

Mawalan Marika

(c.1908 - 1967)

natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark

140.0 x 62.5 cm

Sold for $9,000 (inc. BP) in Auction 17 - 6 October 2010, Melbourne

Private collection, Hong Kong


Catalogue text

This work bears a label attached verso (distressed) which states in part: 'Jirgari, Mawalan, Sacred to the Riratiingo and Barangu groups. Situated between Elcho Island and Wessell Islands. Commencing at the corner – two green turtles are seen back to back. They are feeding off special seaweed and red line between them is a long rock. The diagonal red lines (are) channels of water through weed. The next picture shows two more turtles side by side with a rock between them. Hatching is again seaweed. The next picture shows two turtles caught in a whirlpool and carried to the bottom. In his dreaming, the (artist) sees springs of fresh water running into the whirlpool, and belonging (to) his group and the others belonging to Barangu. The end picture again shows two turtles side by side, feeding with a reef between them. The curved hatching in front of them is an extension of the reef… The next picture (shows) turtles swimming with seaweed caught around his neck. Hatching (is) seaweed. The next picture shows two of the largest turtles of the green variety caught in a whirlpool. They are being thrown around on top of the water. The diagonal (hatching is) again streams of water, two belonging to Jambabungi, one Riratjiingo, (and one) Barangu.'