Important Australian + International Fine Art
29 November 2007

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

(1910 - 1996)

synthetic polymer paint on canvas

151.0 x 91.0 cm

inscribed with artist's name and Delmore Gallery
catalogue number verso: 93L042/ Emily Kngwarreye
inscribed with title and dated on label attached verso: Summer Abundance/ December 1993
accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Delmore Gallery, Northern Territory

$20,000 - $30,000
Sold for $22,800 (inc. BP) in Auction 3 - 29 November 2007, Melbourne

Commissioned by Delmore Gallery, Northern Territory
William Mora Galleries, Melbourne
Applied Chemicals Collection, Melbourne


Of My Country: Emily Kame Kngwarreye, The Applied Chemicals Collection, Bendigo Art Gallery, 1 - 30 May 1999, and touring various venues throughout Victoria and New South Wales, June 1999 - April 2000

Catalogue text

The Anooralya Yam plant that is Emily's main totem and story has characteristics that make it an important food staple in the arid lands north-east of Alice Springs. Its ability to keep relatively fresh after picking, and to keep well underground is highly valued. The yam flower contains seeds that can be processed into a seed cake, and the flower as a whole is a preferred food for the Emu. As for the yam - 'it always comes back' - a very telling statement in the harsh desert environment.

Emily's colours indicate an abundance of food after good summer rains, the yellow dramatically indicating a strong presence of the kame daisy. This work demonstrates the importance of the daisy, with pacey double-dipping brushwork celebrating the presence of food underground. Ceremony has ensured that good seasons do return and Emily believes that her ritual role has aided this and that she 'grows up' the food and human sources of her country.


Delmore Downs, Northern Territory