KAMASAN, BALI, early 20th century

Works from the Donald Friend Collection
27 October 2013


KAMASAN, BALI, early 20th century

pigment on Balinese cotton cloth

28.0 x 108.0 cm

$1,000 - 2,000
Catalogue text

Ider-ider are narrow-strip paintings hung around the eaves of pavilions(bale), and enclosed shrines (gedong), and may be up to fifteen metres in length. The narratives depicted on them are viewed by moving along the painting from right to left, sometimes in reverse order, or in complex combinations of these. This painting is a fragment of a longer cloth and depicts a row of courtly personages. Text on the back, written in Balinese script states that the painting depicts scenes from the Sri Tanjung story, relating the fate of the couple Sidapaksa and Sri Tanjung who part after Sidapaksa is commanded to go to Indra's heaven so that King Sulakrama can seduce Sri Tanjung.