TALI, 2001

Works from the K.D.H. Ainsworth Collection
26 March 2014


born c.1936
TALI, 2001

synthetic polymer paint on paper

52.0 x 75.0 cm

$800 - 1,200
Sold for $1,020 (inc. BP) in Auction 33 - 26 March 2014, Melbourne

Mangkaja Arts, Fitzroy Crossing (cat. 311/01)
Short Street Gallery, Broome, acquired 2002
The K.D.H. Ainsworth Collection, Queensland

Catalogue text

This work is accompanied by a copy of a certificate of authenticity from Short Street Gallery which states: 'This is my mother's country. There are plenty of trees on one side of this waterhole. This is Kirrwirrjila (permanent waterhole). It has plenty of water. In the country on the other side of the tali (sandhill) there is no water at all. We would camp here along the tali, close to the jila.'