WALU, 2007

Important Aboriginal Works of Art
25 May 2016


born 1930
WALU, 2007

synthetic polymer paint on linen

76.0 x 51.0 cm

bears inscription verso: artist’s name, size and Warakurna Artists cat. 284-07

$1,800 – 2,500

Warakurna Artists, Warakurna, Western Australia
Marshall Arts, Adelaide
Private collection, Sydney

Catalogue text

This work is accompanied by a certificate from Warakurna Artists which states: ‘Carol Golding was born at Walu rockhole not far from Warakurna.
This painting depicts a story from Carol’s birth country, Walu rockhole. There were two men and one little boy camping at the rockhole. The men went hunting and the little boy stayed. The men returned with an emu and pulled out its heart. The boy was holding the heart and blood spilt onto the rocks. He ran away with the heart and turned into wind. The emu’s blood trail stained the rocks and it can still be seen there today.’