‘I’m fortunate that my journey has been peppered by so many extraordinary, inspiring individuals. It wouldn’t have happened without assistance, originally from my mother and some fabulous staff. Engaging with collectors, artists, museum directors, curators and fellow gallery owners, I realise that the common unifying connection can singularly be described as passion. It is the sustenance of the industry and remains my driving force… Sure, I’ve demonstrated some business acumen and survival skills, but upon reflection its truly the art and people I’ve encountered that have been my greatest reward.’  Rob Gould

Comprising works from both Gould Galleries and the personal collection of Rob Gould, the prestigious Gould Collection features iconic works by key modern Australian artists including William Dobell, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker, John Perceval, Charles Blackman, John Olsen, Brett Whiteley and Rosalie Gascoigne.

Established in 1980 by Rob Gould and his mother Dita (to 1996), Gould Galleries has successfully traded from the same premises in Toorak Road, South Yarra for 36 years. During this time, Rob has developed a reputation as not only one of Australia’s leading commercial gallerists, but as an experienced and knowledgeable advisor to private, institutional and corporate collectors, both locally and internationally. Notably, many major State galleries and museums have consulted Rob for his specialist expertise in the development of specific exhibitions and public programs, and he remains a Founder Benefactor of the National Gallery of Victoria Foundation and Member of the Art Gallery of New South Wales Foundation. He has also been a member of the Foundation Board of the Victorian College of the Arts, as well as the Jewish Museum of Australia's Contemporary Art Committee. Gould Galleries held annual exhibitions in Hong Kong from 1990 up to 1997 and in 1998 established a Sydney gallery which operated for 8 years.

In particular, Rob has gained recognition as one of the most eminent dealers in Australian ‘Modern Classic’ artists such as Sidney Nolan, William Dobell, Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker, Charles Blackman, John Perceval, John Brack, Fred Williams, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart and Brett Whiteley. Significantly, many of the artists from the Gould Collection have strong associations with Heide, the property of John and Sunday Reed acquired in the 1930s, which was to become an intellectual hub for artists and writers. Accordingly, it was considered pertinent that Kirsty Grant, recent Director of Heide Museum of Modern Art and past Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria, be invited to contribute informative essays on a number of key works. Especially noteworthy is Nolan’s Ned Kelly – Outlaw, 1955 which featured in Heide’s landmark exhibition Unmasked: Sidney Nolan and Ned Kelly 1950 – 1990, and was the image selected for massive promotional banners flanking the entrance at Flinders Street station during the exhibition period.

Embarking upon an exciting future phase, Gould Galleries will re-launch from newly-renovated warehouse premises in Collingwood with a stronger emphasis on representing and exhibiting contemporary artists. Such a dynamic shift in focus towards contemporary art has led to the decision to part with a substantial component of modern works from both Gould Galleries and Rob’s private collection.