Following the successful sale of selected works in May this year at Deutscher and Hackett, we are pleased to now offer a further selection of paintings and three dimensional works from The McKay Superannuation Fund Collection. For nearly a decade Graham and Glenda McKay set about putting together a unique collection of Contemporary Australian Indigenous art. With a deliberate focus upon supporting younger artists through the acquisition of work from the newer communities, the collection represents some of the finest examples by living Indigenous artists. Fundamental to the McKay’s collecting strategy was the selection of work of art with which they felt a strong connection - with colour, texture and composition, as well as an affinity for the story, cultural setting and country, all influencing acquisition decisions. Provenance and exhibition history were also important criteria and accordingly, the collection holds works with detailed and extensive exhibition histories. Acquisitions were made at annual award exhibitions such as the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award and particular attention was given to purchasing pieces that had been selected for exhibition at public institutions or included in national touring shows

Consistent with the up-scaling of much contemporary indigenous art, the McKay’s embraced a number of monumental works by some of the current stars of indigenous art and the group offered here features large examples by Barbara Moore, Tiger Palpatja, Naomi Hobson, Nongirrna Marawili together with a monumental Yawk Yawk figure by Owen Yalandja.